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Pitzmann, rooted deeply in Seoul, Korea, is not just another watch brand; it's a revolution in the realm of timekeeping, established with a fervent passion for horology. Distinguishing itself from other microbrands through its unique philosophy, Pitzmann transcends traditional limitations with innovative design and superior craftsmanship, directly controlling every stage of production to ensure unmatched quality and precision. This brand captures the essence of historical transitions in watchmaking—from sundials to the complex mechanics of pocket watches—reinterpreting these milestones with modern technology and aesthetics to cater to the discerning tastes of today's collectors.

At its core, Pitzmann challenges conventional views, reshaping the perception of the small-second watch—traditionally seen as a mere classic dress accessory—and presenting it as a versatile, robust timepiece suitable for both battlefields and boardrooms. With an emphasis on affordability without compromising quality, Pitzmann introduces its small-second watches as a testament to luxury and functionality accessible to all. This approach not only fills a gap in many watch collections but also redefines what a watch can represent in the modern era, making Pitzmann the final piece in achieving a truly complete and satisfying collection.

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