Collection: KUOE Old Smith 90-002

Immerse yourself in the rich, cultural heritage of Kyoto with KUOE, a watch brand established in 2020 with the mission to bring the timeless elegance of this ancient city to the world. KUOE watches embody the exquisite harmony of tradition and innovation, characteristic of Kyoto itself. With each timepiece, we offer more than a way to mark time, but a unique blend of Japanese precision and classic aesthetic, truly a delight for watch connoisseurs worldwide.

The distinguished Old Smith 90-002 model has become a shining beacon of KUOE, earning recognition and admiration on the Japanese crowdfunding platform, "Makuake". This captivating timepiece, reminiscent of the classic British military watches of the mid-20th century, beautifully incorporates a compact and sophisticated design rarely seen in contemporary watches. With its understated matte dial and the subtle glow of its hands and numerals, it carries an aura of quiet elegance that glows brighter when the lights go dim. Encapsulated in a robust stainless-steel body, paired with resilient sapphire glass, the Old Smith 90-002 is more than just a timepiece. This wristwatch stands as a symbol of timeless elegance, artfully blending tribute to the past and an affirmation of the future.

More than mere functionality, it portrays strength, style, and sophistication, affirming its role not only as an instrument of time but as a timeless accessory of refined taste. With KUOE, experience the joy of owning a watch that's not just an instrument of time, but a reflection of a rich heritage and an emblem of refined taste.

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