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KUOE Old Smith 90-002: A Testament to Military Design

Introduction: Reminiscing the Retro Aesthetic

Steeped in a profound respect for tradition and boasting an outstanding commitment to craftsmanship, the historic Japanese watch brand KUOE has taken the horology world by storm. From the city of Kyoto, where time seems to pause and every moment is treasured, KUOE has embarked on a mission to bring the classic elegance of their watch designs to the global stage. Their second model, the Old Smith 90-002, is a masterstroke that encapsulates the timeless beauty of the past and an exquisite sense of contemporary sophistication.

KUOE's Old Smith 90-002 model is inspired by the sturdiness and functional beauty of British military watches from the 1940s to the 1970s. It marries the characteristic rustic charm of that era with a modern minimalist aesthetic. The watch features a compact 35mm diameter dial, a rarity in contemporary automatic watches. The dial houses bold Arabic numerals, thick, purposeful hands and is finished with light orange fluorescent paint, presenting a design that's both nostalgic and strikingly modern.

Intricate Craftsmanship - Reliable Mechanism

The Old Smith 90-002 truly showcases KUOE's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The watch body, constructed from durable stainless steel, is carefully polished to perfection. This treatment adds an extra layer of elegance to its otherwise rustic appeal, enhancing its luxurious aura. The meticulously detailed matte finish dial is a homage to the past and an embodiment of KUOE's dedication to perfection.

Despite its vintage inspirations, the Old Smith 90-002 doesn't skimp on modern features. Its domed Sapphire Glass comes with an Anti-Reflective coating, offering enhanced clarity and durability. The watch also features a screw-down crown, adding to its water resistance of up to 10 BAR, making it suitable for everyday wear and even light water activities. With a power reserve of approximately 41 hours, the OLD SMITH/90-002 ensures that you're never out of time.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Old Smith  90-002 also boasts impeccable technical prowess. It is powered by the reliable Seiko Japanese Movement, Cal. NH38 (NH38A3J), known for its precision and durability. This automatic movement, with hand-winding and hacking capabilities, ensures the watch runs seamlessly, providing the wearer with an accurate and dependable timepiece.

In the world of horology, the provenance of a timepiece's movement can be just as significant as its design, materials, or craftsmanship. KUOE's decision to exclusively source the Japanese-manufactured NH38A3J variant for their Old Smith 90-002 model reflects a conscientious choice to uphold the brand's Japanese heritage and commitment to domestic quality.

The Seiko NH38 caliber can indeed be produced in either Malaysia or Japan. While both variants maintain Seiko's rigorous standards of quality, the Japanese-produced NH38A3J signifies an authentic piece of Japanese craftsmanship. With the NH38A3J powering the Old Smith 90-002, KUOE guarantees that each tick of the watch isn't just a passing second but a rhythmic affirmation of the brand's unwavering commitment to 'Made in Japan' quality. It's more than a choice; it's a statement of trust, an embrace of heritage, and a testament to the profound respect for the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship.

Super-LumiNova - Shining in the darkness

At Perennis, we've made a conscious decision to ensure that all of our 90-002 stock is equipped with Super-LumiNova. Super-LumiNova is a brand that markets strontium aluminate-based photoluminescent or afterglow pigments. These non-radioactive and non-toxic pigments are used to illuminate markings on watch dials, hands, and bezels, enabling them to be seen clearly even in the dark. Remarkably, Super-LumiNova offers up to ten times higher brightness than older zinc sulfide-based materials, making it a standout choice for illuminating watches.

What makes Super-LumiNova such a game-changer in the world of horology is not just its impressive luminescence but also its safety and environmental properties. Unlike previous luminescent materials, which were often based on radioactive substances, Super-LumiNova is non-radioactive and non-toxic. This makes it a safe choice for both watchmakers and wearers.

Additionally, the glow of Super-LumiNova isn't a one-time feature. The pigments absorb light and then re-emit it over time, creating a long-lasting glow. This means that whether you're in a dimly lit restaurant or out on a moonless night, your KUOE OLD SMITH/90-002 watch will shine brightly, keeping you punctual and stylish at the same time.

The inclusion of Super-LumiNova in KUOE's Old Smith 90-002 model enhances the watch's vintage aesthetics with a functional modern twist. The hands, numerals, and markings stand out starkly against the watch's dial, ensuring that you can read the time at a glance, even in darkness. This seamless blending of the modernity of Super-LumiNova with the vintage appeal of the Old Smith 90-002 design encapsulates the unique allure of KUOE watches.

Conclusion: Embracing Timeless Elegance

In the realm of horology, KUOE's Old Smith 90-002 is a standout offering, a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. It beautifully brings together Kyoto's timeless elegance, the durable and reliable Japanese NH38A3J movement, the strength and clarity of the domed Sapphire glass and the contemporary glow-in-the-dark Super-LumiNova technology. Every aspect of this watch speaks of KUOE's commitment to quality and the rich tapestry of Japanese craftsmanship.

The Old Smith 90-002 is not just a timekeeper; it's an embodiment of style, a statement of heritage, and a tribute to the continuous innovation in watchmaking. By opting for a movement manufactured in Japan, KUOE adds authenticity and trust to their offering. The watch becomes more than an instrument; it's a testament to KUOE's support for local industry and a bearer of genuine Japanese heritage.

As the world whizzes by with digital timekeeping, the KUOE Old Smith 90-002 stands as a constant reminder of artistry, tradition, and the enduring charm of a well-crafted mechanical watch. As an owner, you don't merely possess a watch - you embrace a legacy, making every tick a celebration of timeless elegance and precision.

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